We are delighted to announce have reconfigured our Art of Healing course into an on-line format that you can attend directly from your living room. The Art of Healing: Yoga Therapy is an in-depth training on how to modify the poses to address the limitations of your students. Our aim is to review the most common afflictions that a teacher will be confronted with in the classroom namely lower back pain, knee pain, sciatic pain, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, GI tract dysfunction, migraines, insomnia, cancer, and surgery.

Part 1 : The Legs and Pelvis

The legs are the pillars to the temple of the spine. Thus it is critical in all somatic healing to address complications in the legs. All too often people suffer from strain and dysfunction in their feet, knees and hips and this causes misalignment in the upper body. In this course we cover ankle sprain, knee pain, sciatic pain and lower back pain. We cover essential SATYA movements to release the sacrum and low back and asanas to heal the feet, ankles and hips. We address hamstring injuries, sciatica, ankle sprain and lower back pain using Prajna Yoga’s twelve most therapeutic poses. In this course you will learn how to use support the body with the use of the wall, chair and bolster in order to optimize healing. We review the emotional and psychological issues that impact the legs and pelvis. This course includes a short practicum to apply the work to your students, clients or family members.

*Each day includes meditation, anatomical study, demonstration, and Live Zoom practice.

When: Live Zoom Meetings on August 5 - 9, 9:30am - 12:30pm daily, except Friday August 7, 12:30 - 3:30pm Mountain Time

Cost: $525 for Part 1, $1,050 for Parts 1 & 2

*Also included in this course is access to the Prajna Live classes from 10:00 - 11:30am on Tuesday, August 4 and Friday, August 7.

*Total time: 25 hours (available for CE credits through Yoga Alliance)

*This course is open to all yoga teachers and students, and satisfies required hours for the Prajna Yoga 300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Course Curriculum

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  Principles and Essential Therapeutic Postures
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  Aligning and Harmonizing the Eight Diaphragms | Foot, Ankle, Knee
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  Hips, Pelvic Diaphragm, Low Back
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  Mentorship, Practicum, and Q&A
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Prajna Yoga: Tias & Surya Little

Prajna Yoga makes its home in the foothills of Santa Fe, New Mexico – the home of Tias and Surya Little. We believe that yoga is a pathway that begins in the outer layers of body and mind and navigates inward to the mystical, subtle and rarely seen interior. We combine meditative practice with the power and grace of asana training. In a process that requires sensitivity and inner listening, we explore the sheaths of connective tissue, muscle and bone in order to bring about greater wakefulness, luminosity and space within.

This course is closed for enrollment.

The Knot of Eternity

The Prajna Yoga symbol is the Knot of Eternity—what the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh calls Inter-Being. This design was chosen as it represents the inter-connectivity of all beings.

Study Prajna Yoga

Whether you are looking to return to your center in your personal practice, become a certified yoga teacher in the methods of Prajna, expand your practice into yoga therapy or simply looking to learn from us online, we have offerings to meet you where you are.

The Prajna Temple

Nestled in the majestic trees of the high desert landscape in northern New Mexico, the Prajna Yoga Temple is 10 minutes outside the enchanting city of Santa Fe. Constructed entirely from natural, non-toxic materials, the building is meant to “breathe.” It is a living structure. Unique and spectacular, the Temple is a beautiful setting for your yoga practice.